How To

  • Accounting

    Information about expenses and bill payments and their related features.
  • Customers

    Creating and editing customers. Customer discounts and attaching customers to sales.
  • Inventory

    Adding, Editing and managing your store products and the categories they are assigned to.
  • New Sales

    Creating and storing a customer purchase and all of the associated details.
  • Promotions

    Coupons and discounting items
  • Purchasing

    Creating, Editing and Receiving purchase orders. Includes information about back orders and associated expenses and inventory updates.
  • Reports

    Information on the different types of reports and the details associated with them.
  • Sales History

    How historical orders work. Editing a previous sale, refunds, customers.
  • Transfers

    Transferring inventory between store locations and storage locations.
  • Vendors

    Creating and Editing goods manufactures and service suppliers.