Configuring a Receipt Printer

It is important to properly configure your receipt printer and browser to get the optimal performance out of your printer.

Choosing a Printer

GSale is compatible with any receipt printer that has windows or mac drivers available to be installed as a normal printer. If you are looking to purchase a printer the TSP100II series of printers available from Star Micronics are a great choice.

Configuring your Printer

Refer to the documentation provided with your printer to install the printer on your computer. Receipt printers can often be configured to control things like the cash drawer opening and the type of cutting being done.

Test your configuration of the printer by printing a simple notepad or word file. If the receipt prints and cuts correctly without excessive margins or paper length, you have configured the printer correctly.

Configuring the Browser Printing

Most internet browsers will automatically add header and footer text to the document which include details such as the URL that is being printed, page title or the page number. These settings will need to be disabled in order to prevent them from showing up on your receipt. Different browsers will control these configurations differently but “print setup” or “page setup” section is usually a good place to start when looking for these settings. Once you have found the settings you can set the header and footers not to print and then save the configuration as your default for future printing.

Once these settings have been correctly set, you can run a reprint on a prior receipt as a final test of the configuration.